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A blog that discusses the trends that affect the fiscal health of organizations, our communities, the nation and the world. Read More

Is your business missing out on valuable tax dollars?

January 3, 2020
The Research & Development tax credit remains one of the most underutilized tax-savings opportunities for manufacturers and other companies. Businesses across the U.S. are receiving thousands to millions of dollars by taking advantage of the R&D tax credit. Unfortunately, there still are many companies that are not fully benefiting from the credit because of misconceptions and uncertainty about applicability. Read More


A blog that discusses local projects by private and public players –– and what drives the industry: urbanism, economic development, design, LEED, sustainability, historic preservation, workforce training and regulation. Read More
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A blog that explores our community's diversity -- and highlights the people, events and ideas that help bring us all together. Read More

College producing Giant Awards

November 29, 2019
A college that hosts an annual awards ceremony recognizing African-American individuals and organizations has announced this year’s honorees. Read More
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Health Care

A blog that examines the moves of the many players that make up one of the region's key economic engines: hospitals, universities, clinics, practices and nonprofits. Read More

Noticing changes in your aging loved ones during the holidays

December 23, 2019
The holiday season is a joyous time. Families come together to share delicious meals and celebrate traditions. When family members live out of state or find themselves busy with their careers and kids, the holidays present the opportunity to notice changes among your aging parents. Read More
Michigan Supreme Court seal


A blog that breaks down the local, state and federal laws of our land. Read More

Adult-use marijuana and real property uses

January 3, 2020
Even though medical and recreational use of marijuana is allowed under Michigan law, there are a number of differences in the legislation that may affect the uses of real estate by this industry. Read More
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A blog that offers insights into the strategies and tactics employed by professionals to spread messages via the mediums of our time.   Read More

Send more leads: the digital marketing and sales breakdown

January 3, 2020
The story typically starts like this. We’re projecting fourth-quarter revenue to be down by 35%, which could very well spill over and negatively impact profit in the first quarter of next year. The solution? “We need more leads!” Read More

Recession marketing basics

September 30, 2019
Real Estate blog

Real Estate

A blog that examines the significance of place and what defines a location –– and the industry: markets, micro markets, urbanism, neighborhoods, residential, commercial, mixed use, economic development, design, history and sustainability. Read More
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Small Business & Startups

A blog that discusses the everyday realities of growing a business — including entrepreneurship, raising capital, product development, distribution, marketing, finance, HR, management and market strategy. Read More

First 5 steps for successfully starting your business

January 3, 2020
As we swing into the New Year, you are probably reflecting on 2019 and looking toward making your resolutions for 2020. You may decide to join a gym to be more active. You may decide to kick one of your bad habits. And for an enterprising few, you may resolve to finally act on that business idea you have been kicking around in your head. Read More
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A blog that shines a light on the innovations shaping our everyday lives -- and a platform for thoughtful futurists.

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Cybersecurity for small business

January 3, 2020
Cybersecurity attacks have become a destructive and all-too-common occurrence. And the harsh reality is that no organization is too large — or too small — to be a target. Read More