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Innovate or die

February 28, 2017
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The business or corporate lifecycle is something I re-visit often — mostly because it is a dynamic process that constantly evolves.

If you are in business and have not studied this model, I urge you to begin now. It’s a wonderful resource that helped me as I began this entrepreneurial journey.

However, as we have navigated through the various stages of development and growth, there is something this model does not talk about. It is the idea of re-invention. I argue this is the lesson we are learning as I type. That model looks something like the chart below.

You have heard of "pride before the fall," right? The very point in time you feel you have arrived is the time you actually need to go back to work and innovate. 

As I mentioned above, the business lifecycle is a dynamic process that never stops. If you find yourself celebrating, I would urge you to grab your team and get back into the trenches. It’s time to re-invent and pop up into the next cycle of your business!

Inward. Onward. Upward!

Chart based on work of Charles Handley, "The Empty Raincoat"

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