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Integrated Architecture collects help for boy's bone-marrow transplant

September 13, 2013
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Integrated Architecture collects help for boy's bone-marrow transplant
Cooper DeHaan. Courtesy Integrated Architecture

This isn’t your standard run-of-the-mill garage sale.


It’s one with a big heart and a lot of hope for an energetic four-year-old boy who is terribly burdened with a rare genetic disease.

Cooper’s Garage Sale is a fundraising effort for Cooper DeHaan, a brave little guy who is afflicted with Fanconi Anemia.

Fanconi Anemia leads to bone marrow failure and tumors, and it’s so rare that it occurs in only one of every 13 million children. And there is no cure for the disease Cooper was born with.

The purpose of this special garage sale is to raise money to help Cooper’s parents, Darrel and Kalani DeHaan, offset some of the cost of their son’s upcoming bone-marrow transplant.

Minnesota specialists

The potential life-saving procedure will take place in January at the Amplatz Children’s Hospital, part of the University of Minnesota system.

The transplant has to be done there, because this particular BMT isn’t performed in Michigan, and Cooper will spend from four to six months there. Amplatz has treated more Fanconi Anemia patients than any other center in North America.

The transplant is vital, because without it, there is a good chance that Cooper will be stricken with leukemia.

“You can’t help but laugh and smile when you’re around Cooper. His laugh is infectious, and he loves being around people,” said Darrel DeHaan, a project manager at Integrated Architecture.


Cooper’s Garage Sale is today and Saturday from 8 a.m.-5 p.m. at High Pointe Community Church in Byron Center, at 2975 76th St. SE.

Integrated Architecture has thrown itself behind Cooper and the DeHaans, by collecting items for the sale, and the firm is hoping that other companies can find the time to still get involved.

Trish Spaulding, who manages communications at Integrated, said the donations so far have ranged from high-end furniture given by local manufacturers to barely used golf clubs.

For more information or to making a donation, call 616-430-0495.

“Every dollar raised will directly impact Cooper, helping pay for the many medical-related expenses, lodging and travel expenses while in Minnesota,” said Darrel DeHaan.

Round 1

The BMT procedure won’t be Cooper’s first surgery.

He has already had many, including having a brain tumor removed at 10 months.

“Though everything, Cooper has shown us that he is not about to be beaten by this disease,” said Derek DeHaan. “He’s a tough kid. He deserves every possible chance that we can give him.”

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