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Game maker calls for day to 'Unplug your kids'

October 14, 2014
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Game maker calls for day to 'Unplug your kids'
Carrom in Ludington, founded in 1889, is a maker of family games. Photo via

Families need quality time together.

Gaming in real life

That’s what Ludington-based Carrom, a family game maker founded in 1889, intends to promote with a family game night initiative on Thursday.

Carrom’s campaign “Unplug your kids: Connect the family” is meant to turn off mobile devices, TVs and computers for a night of board games and engagement between family members.

"I hope parents and children come together Oct. 16 and laugh and play and remember what's most important about the family. Togetherness,” said Norman Rosen, chairman of the board, Carrom.

The initiative was started after Rosen was unhappy to see parents and children out to dinner and on their smartphones.

"I saw all these people in the restaurant staring at their phones and not talking to each other, and I said to myself, 'Don't they have anything to talk about?'” Rosen said. “It made me wonder how parents and children could sit around a table together and not converse."

“Mommy bloggers” across the nation are helping to spread word of the event.


Families can pledge to join the event on Carrom’s Facebook page.  

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