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Pizzeria serves one of 'best' vegan pizzas in US

February 16, 2015
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Pizzeria serves one of 'best' vegan pizzas in US
The menu at Brick Road Pizza Co. features several vegan pizzas, including the BBQ Tofu Pizza. Photo via

A pizza made by a local pizzeria is considered one of the “best” vegan pizzas in the nation.

PETA said this month that its tasters set out across the country to find the top 10 vegan pizzas for National Pizza Day.

The nonprofit ranks the Loaded Potato Pizza by Brick Road Pizza Co. in Grand Rapids No. 5 in its post of the “Best Vegan Pizza in the Nation.”

The pizza is topped with baked potato, tempeh bacon bits, scallions, vegan cheddar and dairy-free sour cream.

Brick Road Pizza “dazzled us with an entire menu of vegan pizzas,” PETA says in the post.

Tracy Reiman, EVP at PETA, said the Loaded Potato Pizza is "brimming with savory flavor" and is "free of the cruelty that comes with meat and dairy cheese and that earns it three cheers from us."

“Best Vegan Pizza in the Nation”

1.   Mid City Pizza, New Orleans
2.   3 Brothers Pizza Café, New York
3.   Silly’s Restaurant, Portland, Maine
4.   Dimo’s, Chicago
5.   Brick Road Pizza, Grand Rapids
6.   Mohawk Bend, Los Angeles
7.   Sizzle Pie, Portland, Ore.
8.   Waldo Pizza, Kansas City, Mo.
9.   Nice Slice, Providence, R.I.
10. New Jersey Pizza Company, Flagstaff, Ariz.

Source: PETA, 2015

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