Could cloud computing save your business?

June 22, 2016
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With cloud-based applications and services becoming more prevalent, you may be asking whether it’s the right choice for your business. It may just be.

Here are six things cloud computing could save you.


Switching to cloud-based infrastructure (servers, storage, etc.) and applications is relatively easy and painless, when working with the right partner. Reduced maintenance time requirements and set-up processes mean you can spend more time on your business. If your need for drive space changes, scalable storage could automatically increase or decrease without the need to transfer data or incur downtime costs due to an installation. More importantly, a cloud-first strategy could speed up your work.


Cloud platforms help make collaboration easier. Cloud technology allows people to access their files anywhere and work simultaneously. On the people side, your business could save a lot of time performing core business processes such as new employee setup with line-of-business applications, document collaboration and productivity, because the leading cloud solutions are optimized for the internet and are designed to be accessible across all devices. That means no more getting lost in multiple versions of a document or exchanging file after file though emails. As mobile and long distance collaboration continue to increase, a cloud-first approach to your technology investments affords you the flexibility to build an infrastructure with applications that increase productivity for your team.


Subscription to a cloud-based server has a significantly lower initial cost for setup and a predictable long-term cost structure. You only pay for the services you need, when you need them.

Your information

One concern many businesses have is with security within a cloud environment, but in reality using a cloud-based service could make your business assets safer. In general terms, security has to do with controlling access to data, protecting data regardless of who has access, and monitoring your data to preempt and remediate breaches. Cloud providers are continually at the forefront of updates to their security capabilities in order to prevent and mitigate the impact of a breach.


Today, it makes more sense to host your web applications with a hosting provider than to attempt running your own data center. This is especially important if you’re running an online business. Hosting services can balance traffic spikes, deliver content quickly, and provide dashboard management of your resources, which means you can eliminate avoidable incidents that cause downtime for your business and negatively impact your reputation. The cloud-first approach to running your business also allows you to easily scale the business. At any point where you need more resources than you have, the cloud enables you to step up and easily handle additional workloads.

The environment

The shared resources of servers based out of a data center significantly reduce carbon emissions over having overpowered, local servers for every business. So basically, you’re saving the world, too.

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