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Mobile web: Fad or reality?

April 21, 2015
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Throughout the past two years, the digital marketing space has seen an increase in the number of “mobile marketing experts” singing the praises of mobile technology, ranging from apps to mobile-optimized websites.

The evolution followed a distinct pattern. At first it was an app. Your company needed an app for the service it was selling. Then we shifted toward mobile-optimized websites that were typically just a watered-down version of your entire site. Now we have moved into the age of responsive design where your site is one and the same. The biggest difference is that your site recognizes what device is trying to access it and serves up a version that's tailored for optimal viewing on that device.

Mobile first is not the future; it’s the now

At first some of this might appear to be a fad, but it’s the new reality.

In 2014, Pew Internet Research reported that 58 percent of American adults have a smartphone. According to Comscore, 78 percent of mobile searches for local business information result in a purchase.

Sure, you can argue that your industry niche isn’t as engaged on mobile devices, but you certainly cannot argue with the numbers. In addition, it’s good to point out that Google is on a mission to make the web more mobile friendly. Even releasing a statement that starting April 21, the search engine will be taking into account how mobile friendly a website is as a potential ranking factor.

Accessing your mobile data

If you need further validation that a mobile-first strategy is right, look no farther than what your current website analytics are telling you. If your site is equipped with Google Analytics, this data is very easy to find. Log in and in the left-hand navigation select Audience > Mobile > Overview. From here, you can easily see the breakdown of desktop to mobile and tablet users.

Understand that timing and budget might not be conducive to a new website redesign right now. When the time comes, however, a mobile-first strategy should be mandatory. If you are in the planning phases of a new site, you certainly need to consider the percentage of mobile users versus desktop users on your site.

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