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3 benefits of local media coverage

May 31, 2016
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Whether your customers are local, statewide or national, there are multiple benefits to obtaining local media coverage.

Grand Rapids is a smaller media market, compared to Chicago or Detroit, but as we have all seen, the nation has their eyes trained on our community. I mean, how many lists can one city make?

If you call Grand Rapids home, then you should definitely be engaging with local media and here are three reasons why:

1. Practice

Consider it your rehearsal for the national stage. Before you can ever pursue national coverage, you have to engage locally. Keep in mind Grand Rapids TV stations and some print publications are tied to a larger media company that has affiliates all over the U.S. If your story is relevant enough, it could get picked up by those larger outlets.

2. Awareness

By sharing relevant company news with local reporters, you will garner coverage that will bring awareness to your company that far surpasses an ad. A news article is someone else, besides a company representative, telling your story. Coverage can assist with recruiting efforts, business development and community awareness.

3. Credibility

If your story or stories are told well in the media, people will come to trust your brand and with the top of mind awareness, may even become customers.

To get visibility in the media, you need to develop a plan, map out a timeline and research, research, research. Research a publication’s print deadline, understand their editorial calendar and get to know the reporters who cover your industry. Before sending that press release or emailing that reporter, make sure what you’re sharing is relevant to that publication — don’t waste a reporter’s time.

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