Acton Lecture Series: Abraham Lincoln's Moral Constitution

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8/9/18 12:00 pm EST
Acton Institute
98 E Fulton Street
Grand Rapids, MI
United States
Contact: Sara Aldworth

People have wondered just how much Abraham Lincoln himself was under God when he said that this nation should consider itself as such as it strove for a new birth of freedom. After all, Lincoln has been the only president (along with Thomas Jefferson) never to have formally joined a church.

What did shift, however, the ground decisively under Lincoln's feet was the experience of the Civil War. He discovered in the cauldron of war that God was not merely a remote force or a faceless universal power, but a personal, intelligent, and willing God who intervened in the affairs of men, to direct them in ways that they could not even begin to imagine. This was a God whom he wanted his nation to be under.