Marketing Mondays - The Value of Volunteering & Sponsorships on Business

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9/17/18 12:00 pm EST
Muskegon Innovation Hub
200 Viridian Drive
Muskegon, MI
United States
To register for this event, please go to Entrepreneurs and small businesses are passionate about the products and services they provide. Translating that passion to sales requires a strategic focus on marketing and promotion. Marketing Mondays at the Muskegon Innovation Hub will provide sound tools, techniques and knowledge that every small business owner and entrepreneur needs to know to effectively engage with customers and increase revenue from sales. COST: $10 per person (includes lunch) PLACE: 200 Viridian Drive, Muskegon RSVP: (search Marketing Mondays) through Thursday, Thursday 13th CONTACT: For further information, please send an e-mail to the Muskegon Innovation Hub at