How to Buy or Sell a Business Workshop

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6/13/19 9:00 am EST
L. William Seidman Center Forum
50 Front Ave SW
Grand Rapids, MI
United States

Join us as MI-SBDC presents the How to Buy or Sell a Business Workshop, where consultants and industry experts share tips, tools, and tactics to help ensure the success of your transaction and the transition process.  Together, buyers and sellers will discover:

• First steps in determining whether to buy or sell a business
• How to maximize the value of your business
• How to market your business and how to find a business for sale
• How to form a Transition Team of experts to help you buy or sell a business
• How to create a Transition Plan to keep you on track for success
• The basics of valuation, due diligence, brokers, and financing
• Implications for tax, retirement, and estate planning
• Keys to successfully transitioning a business to new ownership
• Post-acquisition planning, change management, and company culture

The workshop will conclude with a Panel Discussion of industry experts and business buyers and sellers who will share their knowledge and experiences.  Lunch and resource materials are included.

Fee: $75