Scaling Your Impact with Shared Ownership

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7/30/19 12:00 pm EST
Contact: Mieke Stoub

As the owners and operators of your business, you have a vested interest in your success, right? You've put forth both intellectual and financial capital and created a solid business plan and have built a loyal customer base that keeps you up and running. You also have a staff of employees that you trust to carry it all out. Can you imagine if these employees had that same vested interest?

This is the strategy behind employee ownership. It can help you start thinking about succession planning, but it can also help you diversify your net worth and build your ideal company culture. In this webinar, Carl Erickson from Atomic Object will share his journey from 80% ownership to 40% over 10 years. And how it's given him a stronger, more profitable company that is building wealth in more ways than one.