Business Matters 2019

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10/16/19 8:00 am EST
Acton Institute
98 E Fulton Street
Grand Rapids, MI
United States
Contact: Julie Schnepp
After giving false hope to millions, Theranos, the health technology company once valued at $9 billion, was exposed for marketing a fraudulent blood testing device and dissolved. Meanwhile, in the pursuit of profit, other businesses face accusations of spiking drug prices, polluting the environment, and implementing unjust pay scales that drive income inequality. These examples of bad business force us to ask: What does Good Business look like? What does it look like for a company to not just succeed and be profitable, but to do so in a moral way that benefits society? On October 16, leading experts and accomplished business leaders will advance a global conversation on important topics like: - What is Good Business? - What is the deeper meaning of work? - How should one’s faith inform one’s work life? - How can businesspeople lead their companies ethically? - How can companies do well while doing good? This is the second annual Business Matters conference, Acton Institute’s major educational and networking event focusing on the intersection of work, business, morality, and faith.