Coffee Connections: An Executive Roundtable on Ransomware and Cybersecurity

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12/10/19 10:00 am AST
InsITe Business Solutions (located in the Colonial Clock Building)
201 W. Washington
Zeeland, MI
United States

Ransomware is one of the most serious threats to your business today. It’s exactly what it sounds like – malicious software that locks you out of your computer(s) and/or files, requiring a  "ransom" payment to access your files again.

This executive roundtable event will educate you on how to stay ahead of hackers and protect your systems, documents and business. We will facilitate discussions on the anatomy of a typical ransomware attack, provide an update on the risk landscape, and provide some practical ways to better protect yourself  against the current and emerging  threats.  

Leave with valuable info and an offer for an Office 365 Security Assessment!

What You’ll Learn at December's Coffee Connections Executive Briefing Event: 
The fundamentals of the different types of ransomware and tactics used to infect your systems.
Tips, tools and resources to help adhere to strong security practices that keep your organization safe from cyber-attacks.
How local companies have been effected by Ransomware and different ways to detect and respond from the latest threats.
How InsITe emphasizes a security mindset in order to ensure that their clients remain safe and protected from Ransomware and other security threats.
What offers, tools and expertise are available to help ensure your company does not become a part of the next Ransomware statistic.

This event is limited to 15 seats and is expected to fill quickly. It is designed for any business owners, managers,  and executives to attend. Register today to secure your participation.