FlannelJax's Grand Opening

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2/19/20 2:00 pm AST
FlannelJax's Grand Rapids
601 Lake Michigan Dr NW
Grand Rapids, MI
United States
Contact: Jacob Meyer
FlannelJax’s hosts social events, extreme team building exercises and axe-throwing leagues. The growing chain features a variety of fun lumberjack-related activities, including axe-throwing (aiming for targets 13 feet away), Thump the Stump (a competition to hammer a nail into a stump using a hatchet) and crosscut sawing (a race to saw through a log). FlannelJax’s features exciting competition in a safe, structured environment under the guidance and instruction of a certified staff of Lumberjacks and Lumberjills. Patrons can celebrate a birthday, bond with co-workers or compete in a weekly round of competition, similar to a dart or bowling league but with axes. All participants must be 18 years or older to throw.