Honoring Your Father and Mother - The Human and Financial Costs of Elder Care

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Pine Rest Postma Center
300 - 68th Street SE
Grand Rapids, MI
United States
Contact: Bob VandePol
In the United States today, nearly 34 million caregivers face the daunting challenge of caring for an elderly loved one. Almost 80% of the care of older adults is provided by family and friends, and 59% of these unpaid caregivers are in the workforce. This results in $17.1 billion in losses to employers from unscheduled absenteeism, employee attrition, and lost productivity and for the employees—overwhelming stress that affects work and family life, lost promotional opportunities, and reduced or loss of income. This seminar will engage behavioral health experts and an attorney who are specialists in elder care issues to address: • Recommendations for business leaders with employees wrestling with elder care challenges • Practical suggestions for interacting with those with dementia • Legal and financial strategies for employers and families • Information regarding Pine Rest resources and the new Elder Care Consultation service available to EAP and CAP customers The event is free. Registration closes February 24, 2015.