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Positives of gentrification outweigh the negatives

September 6, 2019
For years, I have said that Michigan cities, including Grand Rapids, need more gentrification and congestion. As most of you would expect, the pushback is immediate and intense. Most folks think of the negative consequences of both and instinctively recoil at having more of the negatives. Read More

To keep growing, West Michigan must reduce barriers to opportunity

August 31, 2018
Communities across the United States, both large and small, are undergoing revitalization. Restaurants, cafés and grocery stores are moving into neighborhoods, and new businesses are filling in long-vacant properties. Unemployment rates are at or near all-time lows, and many employers have open positions to fill. While this is good news for the local economy, it also brings a number of challenges for traditionally marginalized communities. As our cities evolve, we must ask ourselves: How do we ensure everyone can benefit from growth? Read More

Solving the city’s gentrification ‘paradox’

March 18, 2016
Grand Rapids Planning Director Suzanne Schulz faced some tough questions during the panel segment of a talk on gentrification at Grand Valley State University’s Loosemore Auditorium last week. Read More