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PPT reform: Three exemptions and new tax could equal savings

February 5, 2016
If you do the math, changes to Michigan’s personal property tax could add up to new savings for most business taxpayers. Read More

Michigan's personal property tax reform: It's not as easy as it sounds

September 24, 2014
On Aug. 5, Michigan voters elected to repeal Michigan’s personal property tax, or PPT. What does this mean for Michigan businesses? Read More

Replacing the PPT on industry: up to voters

April 4, 2014
Lt. Gov. Brian Calley was in a manufacturing plant in Grand Rapids last week to sign long-debated legislation that would replace funding lost by the phase-out of the industrial personal property tax — if enough Michigan voters say yes to the August ballot proposal. Read More

Deadline looms for personal property tax exemption

Small business exemption may be beginning of end of tax on industrial firms.

January 17, 2014
The personal property tax or PPT — seen by many as the bane of business in Michigan but crucial revenue for many local governments, schools and library districts throughout the state — will not apply this year to small businesses with personal property of a total true cash value less than $80,000. Read More

Local governments call for timeout on tax cut for businesses

December 6, 2012
The Grand Valley Metro Council joined a growing list of public entities that are calling for state House lawmakers to take a deep breath, leisurely grab a cup of coffee or two –– the de-caffeinated variety preferably –– and then delay their votes on a package of bills that would eliminate most of the Personal Property Tax. Read More