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Better Drinking Culture publishes ‘The Drinker’s Manifesto’

October 4, 2019
A Grand Rapids organization has released a book to help people make healthier choices when it comes to alcohol consumption. Read More

Better Drinking Culture creates 'universal' mug club

July 14, 2017
An organization promoting healthy drinking habits has created a "universal" mug club program. Read More

Better Drinking Culture rolls out certification program

June 8, 2017
An organization dedicated to promoting better drinking habits is rolling out a certification program. Read More

Inside Track: Drive for change fuels Ley

Wanting more out of life, Better Drinking Culture CEO immersed himself in beer culture to help him land current job.

May 26, 2017
In late 2014, Jason Ley began to think about how he wanted to die. Read More

Better Drinking Culture crafts certification program

August 1, 2016
A local group is launching a certification program for alcohol-serving businesses to encourage responsible drinking. Read More