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Judge to allow use of handwriting expert for Aretha Franklin's will

August 7, 2019
| By AP
PONTIAC — A Michigan judge agreed to allow a handwriting expert to examine wills discovered in couch cushions after Aretha Franklin's death. Read More

Incorporate estate planning into New Year’s resolutions

December 7, 2018
As we enter the holiday season, many are focused on year-end giving. Whether it’s gifting to friends and family members or charitable organizations, it’s easy to get in the spirit of planning, purchasing and delivering. Read More

Michigan Supreme Court upholds ruling for attorney-friend in $16M inheritance case

June 25, 2018
DETROIT — A lawyer who prepared a friend's will and stands to reap millions of dollars with his sons has survived an appeal by the man's family. Read More

No-contest clauses: leaving beneficiaries in terror

December 8, 2012
A no-contest, or "in terrorem," clause provides that a beneficiary under a will who contests the gift shall take either nothing or only a token amount instead of the provision made for him or her in the will. Read More