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Publisher releasing book by ex-NFL running back

February 19, 2018
Best known for his moves on the football field and the dance floor, an athlete wants to use his platform to make an impact on the lives of others. Read More

Publisher partners with schools

November 24, 2017
A local Christian publishing company is partnering with three Detroit schools to create a faith-based literacy program. Read More

Publisher will release ‘Full House’ star’s book this fall

August 2, 2017
A local publisher will release a lifestyle book by an actress, producer and New York Times-bestselling author this fall. Read More

Publisher inks deal with mother and daughter

April 10, 2017
A local publisher has signed a multi-book deal with an actress, producer and New York Times bestselling author and her daughter, a model, musician and YouTube star. Read More

Publisher inks three-book deal with Olympian

September 28, 2016
An Olympic track star for the U.S. has written her memoir, which will be published by a local publisher. Read More

Publisher acquires autobiography of Olympic superstar

September 6, 2016
A local publisher will publish the official autobiography of one of the world’s greatest gymnasts this fall. Read More

Publisher scores memoir of 'Concussion' doctor

February 23, 2016
A local publisher has acquired the memoir of the man whose story is portrayed in the recent film “Concussion,” starring Will Smith. Read More

Publisher wins at international trade show

July 3, 2014
A local book publisher took home three awards recently from the International Christian Retail Show in Atlanta. Read More

Publisher inks deal with 'Duck Dynasty' family

February 3, 2014
The controversial family from A&E’s hit reality show “Duck Dynasty” will publish a book and church curriculum with a local publisher. Read More

Zondervan bestseller calls for men to 'man up'

November 7, 2013
A Zondervan-published book that calls for men to “man up” will debut at No. 7 on a New York Times bestseller list on Sunday. Read More