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Concerns rise over tainted sewage sludge on croplands

October 4, 2019
LAPEER — For more than 20 years, the town of Lapeer sent leftover sludge from its sewage treatment plant to area farms, supplying them with high-quality, free fertilizer, while avoiding the expense of disposal elsewhere. Read More

Public agency sues firms

May 10, 2019
| By AP
FRASER — A lawsuit has been filed against three companies in connection with the collapse of a sewer line north of Detroit that cost $75 million to repair. Read More

Grand Rapids plans to increase water and sewer rates

November 23, 2017
The city has released a preliminary study recommending increases to water and sewer rates, beginning in January. Read More

Average cab fares won’t go up

But city water and sewer rates will go down.

December 22, 2012
Revelers on New Year’s Eve can grab a taxi after the clock strikes 2013 next week and safely ride home at 2012 prices. Read More