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Security company makes acquisition

November 13, 2018
A local security company has made its second acquisition of the year. Read More

Partners hosting Cyber Security Conference downtown

October 15, 2018
A group of partners are producing the Michigan Cyber Security Conference downtown this week. Read More

Security company makes acquisition

June 21, 2018
A Grand Rapids security company has acquired a former competitor in the area. Read More

Building automation company acquires competitor

May 4, 2018
A provider of building automation and security systems is expanding its presence in the region via acquisition. Read More

Former FBI agent detects to protect

Owner of Northport Security helps businesses find hidden microphones, cameras, recorders and phone taps.

December 15, 2017
As a former FBI investigator who used wiretaps to catch criminals, Marty Vander Vliet is now applying his skills for the private sector. Read More

How should you respond to the Equifax hack?

September 22, 2017
Despite the many efforts to ensure information is secure, there always is the risk it may be compromised. Read More

Cyber breach not a question of if, but when

November 18, 2016
You’ve spent numerous resources building your customer base, created long-term strategies for retention and have developed a sense of mutual trust — and then you get the call: “We’ve been hacked.” Read More

Data, business analytics and a knowledge economy

December 4, 2015
The amount of data we, as a society, generate is estimated to double every two years. That means in the last two years, the amount of data we produced was approximately equal to all the data previously generated by mankind. Read More

What employers should worry about when employees work remotely

It’s not whether they’re working; it’s what they’re doing while working.

March 7, 2014
Most employers’ main concerns about allowing employees to work remotely come down to one question: How do I know if my employees are really working? Read More

Hacker breaches FSU network

August 16, 2013
Ferris State University got hacked. Read More