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Survey reveals optimism

Confidence rates vary by gender, political affiliation and race among state residents.

July 1, 2016
Many Michigan residents feel pretty good about the economy these days. Read More

Snyder lays out ambitious immigration plan

Visas said to be at the core of strengthening Michigan.

February 21, 2014
Congress might not be in a hurry to take up immigration reform, but that isn’t stopping Gov. Rick Snyder from pushing ahead with plans to attract international talent and investors to Michigan. Read More

Talent void prompts new attraction efforts

Michigan Office for New Americans puts out the welcome mat.

February 14, 2014
Michigan was built on the backs of immigrants, reminded Gov. Rick Snyder when he gave his State of the State address in January. Read More

Snyder blazes a trail toward effective immigration reform

January 17, 2014
Gov. Rick Snyder has been clear in his support of new immigration policies since his first State of the State message, and in the face of continued gridlock at the federal level for immigration reform, last week described a path around that gridlock in creation of a new Office for New Americans. It has become “Snyder style:” where one road is blocked he forges a new path to the goal. Read More

Street Talk: Winners, losers and in-betweens in Snyder’s SOS speech

Targets acquired.

January 17, 2014
According to our friends at Inside Michigan Politics, there were some pretty clear winners and losers following Gov. Rick Snyder’s State of the State address Thursday night. Read More

State of the State: Michigan is 'the place to be'

January 17, 2014
LANSING — Michigan is "the place to be," Gov. Rick Snyder said Thursday night during a speech where he introduced a plan to make the state more welcoming to immigrants and more enticing for foreign investment. Read More

State’s budget surplus makes for hard questions — and opportunities

January 10, 2014
Gov. Rick Snyder has scheduled the annual State of the State message for 7 p.m. Thursday, and there is no shortage of attentive constituents, particularly in light of the reported House Fiscal Agency estimate last week showing improved economic conditions will provide $327 million more in revenue than projected for the fiscal year. Read More

Auto insurance medical benefit cap shifts monster burden to taxpayers

April 19, 2013
Gov. Rick Snyder in January’s State of the State called again for insurance regulation reform action. Read More

Street Talk: Sound off on energy and the environment

Faces in places.

February 15, 2013
In his State of the State address, Gov. Rick Snyder said he wants public forums held around the state to gather input to guide public policymakers and the public as they plan for Michigan’s energy future. Read More

Business has questions, does Snyder have answers?

January 11, 2013
Wednesday is must-see TV for the state’s business community, especially those employers who call West Michigan home. Read More