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ArtPrize's executive director is stepping down

October 22, 2019
Less than two years after becoming the executive director of ArtPrize, Jori Bennett is resigning. Read More

Public voting lags for ArtPrize 10

Despite the lack of voter turnout, organizers point to other signs of success.

October 19, 2018
The public cast fewer votes for ArtPrize 10 than ever before. Read More

ArtPrize symbolizes and rewards a design-centric business community with economic gains

June 29, 2018
The Business Journal this week reports on the domino economic impact of the decision to make ArtPrize a biannual event, but additional reporting reflects the overall economic opportunity of a labor force steeped in design-centric practices. Read More

ArtPrize paints rosy economic picture

Ninth iteration of art competition creates estimated $33 million in local economic impact.

April 20, 2018
The largest art festival in Grand Rapids continues to have a great effect on the local economy. Read More

ArtPrize’s worth goes far beyond the art

April 20, 2018
The Business Journal has opined a few times in the last nine years that the thrill of ArtPrize would be short(er) lived without community support of the cash kind. Read More

ArtPrize appoints executive director

April 12, 2018
ArtPrize has named a new leader. Read More