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Why midsized manufacturers should care about the Fourth Industrial Revolution

February 11, 2019
Good, bad or otherwise, disruption is inevitable. At least, that is what we’ve come to expect. In the modern age, we’ve experienced three industrial revolutions to date — steam and water power, electricity and assembly lines, and computerization. Yet, another is coming. Are you ready for what’s next? Read More

When it’s time for change, do it the right way

April 20, 2018
What is it that raises the topic of change? Read More

‘Eds and meds’ is old think, creative talent is key

December 23, 2016
Grand Rapids Business Journal is reporting on how the local manufacturing sector is growing, and as Cedric Duclos, president and CEO of Hutchinson North America on Fuller Avenue notes in one story, his industry is transforming (evolved) with “smart plant” concepts in what has become a transformational point in terms of manufacturing technology — or rather technologies. Read More

Cyber breach not a question of if, but when

November 18, 2016
You’ve spent numerous resources building your customer base, created long-term strategies for retention and have developed a sense of mutual trust — and then you get the call: “We’ve been hacked.” Read More

Street Talk: Talking tech

Soccer friendly.

June 24, 2016
What to make of Grand Rapids’ infrastructure, technology and entrepreneurship? Read More

Amount of tax information on Internet of concern to businesses

May 17, 2013
The advent of technology and the Internet has changed the way we live our daily lives and conduct business transactions. Read More

County may spend more next year on technology

May 3, 2013
Although the details aren’t known yet, the next Kent County budget may contain more money for technology — if commissioners agree to allocate funding for that use. Read More

A sign of the times: law libraries fading away

Gruel Mills moved to new location — but its law library did not.

April 26, 2013
Judges and lawyers are steeped in tradition and processes. Stare decisis — the policy of courts to abide by principles established by decisions in earlier cases — is the norm, and change is an uncomfortable occurrence. Read More

Committee looks into county’s technology status

Kent is waiting to hear from Grand Rapids on riverfront property RFP.

March 29, 2013
When members of the Kent County Executive Committee reviewed the progress that has been made to create a new strategic plan, the status of the county’s technology was the main topic of discussion. Read More

Workplace technology puts strain on organizational policies

March 22, 2013
There is no doubt that technology is changing the way we work. Read More