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Packaging company investing $600M in expansion

September 25, 2019
A maker of coated recycled paperboard is planning a $600 million expansion in the region. Read More

Packaging supplier plans expansion

September 19, 2019
A packaging company that serves the auto industry is expanding in the region. Read More

Packaged water company signs deal

July 31, 2019
A restaurant business in New York is tapping a local packaged water company as a supplier. Read More

Packaging supplier closing plant

July 15, 2019
A maker of plastic packaging materials is closing a plant in the region and laying off 42 workers. Read More

Packaging maker plans plant in Indiana

May 15, 2019
A West Michigan manufacturer of packaging is establishing operations and creating 43 jobs in Indiana. Read More

Holding company acquires container business

March 7, 2019
A West Michigan holding company of packaging suppliers has acquired an out-of-state container business. Read More

Medical packaging supplier acquires company

February 1, 2019
A local supplier of packaging for the health care industry has acquired a similar company on the West Coast. Read More

Kellogg sets goal for 100-percent sustainable packaging

December 21, 2018
Kellogg Company has set a new global sustainability goal for itself. Read More

Universal Forest acquires $15M packaging supplier

October 25, 2018
A subsidiary of Universal Forest Products has acquired an out-of-state packaging supplier. Read More

Packaging supplier sells business

August 6, 2018
An out-of-state company has acquired a local maker of packaging for various industries. Read More