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One financial industry veteran believes collaborative teams are better

August 12, 2019
For consumers, the world of wealth management can be daunting. Financial advising, financial planning, wealth management, investment management, financial wellness, strategic wealth strategy, asset management — the industry jargon can seem endless. Read More

Financial firm appoints regional VP

December 7, 2018
The Great Lakes branch of a financial services firm has named a regional vice president to oversee its Grand Rapids office. Read More

Collaborating as advisors to help clients

October 30, 2018
Leading a financially healthy life and ensuring funds are allocated appropriately is not a job for just one person. Utilizing a team of advisors and professionals is the best strategy to ensure all aspects of one’s financial landscape work hand in glove. Read More

Wealth as a tool to build families up, not tear them down

July 31, 2018
In any family, wealth is a tool. Used wisely, wealth can fix problems and build opportunities for generations to come. Used irresponsibility, wealth has potential to damage or even break family ties. Read More