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Neighborhood running beautification crowdfunding campaign

May 8, 2019
A Grand Rapids neighborhood has launched a crowdfunding campaign. Read More

Startup touts a better toilet paper

January 10, 2019
A pair of entrepreneurs are hoping to roll out a new type of toilet paper. Read More

Nonprofit producing class on crowdfunding capital

August 21, 2018
A nonprofit focused on helping female entrepreneurs is hosting a class on crowdfunding this week. Read More

Lebanese restaurant temporarily closes after chef-owner's injury

July 20, 2018
A long-time Lebanese restaurant in the area is “closed temporarily” after its owner and only chef sustained an injury. Read More

Park crowdfunds playground project

July 18, 2016
A lakeshore park has launched a crowdfunding campaign to raise $17,000 for a playground. Read More

Appliance maker launches beer system via crowdfunding platform

May 31, 2016
An appliance maker in the region is launching a product aimed at homebrewers via a crowdfunding platform. Read More

#LoveGR crowdfunds acceptance campaign

June 16, 2015
Yesterday was 6/16 or #616Day — and it was also #LoveGR Day. Read More

Civic association taps crowdfunding for sports complex

May 28, 2015
A nonprofit is using a Michigan-based crowdfunding platform to help hit its fundraising goal out of the park for a roughly 35-acre youth sports complex. Read More

Crowdfunding for small businesses

February 27, 2015
For the past few years, there's been a lot of excitement about crowdfunding opportunities for small businesses in Michigan. Read More

Startup crowdfunds 'ruggedized' coffee maker

December 10, 2014
When Jim Doan came to St. Joseph in 2007 to work for Whirlpool, he moved into a new housing development with only about 25 percent of the homes built — which meant he observed a lot of construction sites. Read More