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Hammock startup wins 5x5 Night

September 4, 2017
A hammock startup that donates gear to someone in poverty with each purchase is the winner of the latest 5x5 Night. Read More

Graphic design startup wins 5x5 Night

July 3, 2017
A bilingual graphic design firm won the first 5x5 Night that was conducted entirely in Spanish. Read More

Bridal startup wins 5x5 Night

March 17, 2017
A specialized bridal business is the latest winner of 5x5 Night. Read More

Pet treat startup wins 5x5 Night

February 13, 2017
A startup maker of pet treats has won the latest 5x5 Night. Read More

Start Garden brings back pitch competition

New 5x5 Night events will have a more regional flair.

July 1, 2016
5x5 Nights are back. Read More

Storage rack wins 5x5 Night

December 11, 2015
A wall-mounted storage rack for folding walkers was the product to bet on at the last emerge 5x5 Night. Read More

Underwater drone wins 5x5 Night

November 4, 2015
The sky is no longer the only place on earth traversable by consumer drones. Read More

Beehive designer wins 5x5 Night

October 6, 2015
All honeybees may have a king in the form of one entrepreneur. Read More

Designer wins 5x5 Night

September 3, 2015
A graphic designer is looking to create unique designs for various items based on a person’s personality traits. Read More

3D knitting startup wins 5x5 Night

August 11, 2015
An entrepreneur pursuing the creation of 3D-knitted products for multiple industries has won the latest 5x5 Night. Read More