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ETM proposes accountability for charter school authorizers

February 26, 2016
Michigan’s statewide charter school system’s report card remains low compared to other leading academic performing states. Read More

Letter: GVSU charter schools deliver results

September 12, 2014
This fall nearly 32,000 students across Michigan are beginning their school year in a Grand Valley State University chartered school, and another 7,700 students are on waiting lists trying to enroll in a Grand Valley chartered school. Read More

School partners to teach 'real-world skills'

August 18, 2014
An online charter school is partnering with several organizations to teach “real-world skills” to students this fall. Read More

New high school to serve homeless and dropouts

May 3, 2013
Grand Rapids Mayor George Heartwell called Grand Valley State University’s latest educational offering “a charter school unlike other charter schools.” Read More

GVSU charter schools go to head of class

February 21, 2013
The charter schools that have been authorized by Grand Valley State University have outperformed all the rest, according to the Michigan State Board of Education. Read More