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Tech company producing Wisdom for the Expedition of Management

September 6, 2019
A provider of employee coaching software is hosting a daylong seminar on the art of people management. Read More

The challenge and opportunity of independent business ownership

April 28, 2017
In the world of many privately owned businesses, there are at least three competing areas to manage actively. Read More

Out of touch or out of their minds — or maybe both?

December 11, 2015
In a survey conducted by a big benefits management company (a management and human resource consulting firm), they asked 365 CEOs and sales management executives: “What are the three key factors that separate high-performing sales professionals from moderate- to low-performing sales professionals?” Read More

Good leaders accomplish more with (rather than through) others

August 29, 2014
Great leaders develop practices and communicate expectations that allow them to manage fairly and consistently as they motivate people to contribute their proportionate share toward the success of the team or the stability of relationships. Read More

Effectively influencing people without being in charge

March 15, 2013
While much guidance is available to strengthen a manager’s ability to lead from a position of authority . . . Read More