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Is yours a family business? You are not alone

January 15, 2016
Are you the founder or next-generation owner of a company? Read More

Keeping the ‘family’ in family-owned business succession

December 11, 2015
Family-owned businesses are a driving force in the United States’ economy, contributing more than 50 percent of the gross domestic product. Read More

Family-owned businesses need family meetings

October 17, 2014
Research tells us there are three key factors for the perpetuation of a family-owned business: having a strategic plan for the business, using a board that includes outside directors, and holding family meetings. Read More

Can you ‘divorce proof’ your family-owned business?

May 3, 2013
A significant risk facing family-owned businesses is almost uniformly unaddressed: the risk that the company gets embroiled in the divorce of one of its shareholders. Read More

Path to business succession is littered with obstacles

Being proactive, however, is the first step.

March 15, 2013
Family-owned businesses can avert legal headaches and emotional anguish by having a succession plan set in place before it’s needed. Read More