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Political change and polarization

June 23, 2017
Philanthropy’s major elements (nonprofits, volunteers and donors) are dealing with a number of economic, political and social forces that are ultimately reshaping the traditional boundaries these actors have come to rely on to engage in long-term community problem solving. Read More

Letter: Community needs 'doers'

January 8, 2016
Editor: I found your opinion piece from Dec. 21 on the engaging of more doers refreshing (“Assure a seat at the table for the community ‘doers,’ not just the donors”). Read More

West Michigan community foundations return the investment

In the field of philanthropy, ROI means more than a number.

October 23, 2015
Community foundations are catalytic engines in West Michigan, seeking to create lasting positive change through charitable giving, and evaluating their return on investment can be difficult to quantify in terms of social impact. Read More

Crowdfunding is essential to growing business, communities

What would happen if we could invest in businesses in our own communities? Read More

Inside Track: A self-described dreamer lands her dream job in an urban setting

2001 GVSU grad helps create community links.

August 9, 2013
She readily admits that she is a lifelong dreamer and a learner who wants to be as fully involved as possible with those around her. Read More

Capital continuum: a roadmap to business financing

March 15, 2013
Over the past several years, our dynamic economy has created a multitude of opportunities and challenges for business owners. Read More