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Snyder’s 2014 Economic Summit arrives in GR

The first one, in 2013, was in downtown Detroit.

March 14, 2014
Gov. Rick Snyder’s second annual two-day Economic Summit kicks off this morning at DeVos Place, and at least 700 people from throughout Michigan are expected to attend. Read More

Current education policy creates another generation unfit for jobs

March 22, 2013
Many area economic development professionals this past week gave a good deal of their time to be present for Gov. Rick Snyder’s “economic summit” in Detroit, several days of which were spent parsing whether the estimated 100,000 job openings in Michigan are the result of a “mismatch” predicated on a “skills gap” between job seekers and job qualifications, or whether the economic data showing a vast majority of corporate America is sitting on “unprecedented levels of cash” and is unwilling to hire. Read More