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WMU glides into drone consultancy

Services provided through university’s Upjohn Center include 3D models, vegetation maps for precision agriculture.

July 26, 2019
Western Michigan University is offering a new consulting service that uses drones for data collection and interpretation. Read More

Is drone privacy up to the states?

August 17, 2018
Have you seen a drone hovering above you recently? It wouldn’t be surprising, given how ubiquitous consumer drones are becoming – as many as 2.5 million now share our national airspace. Read More

Colleges swoop in on drone training

Industry expects more than 100,000 jobs in drone work by 2025 and an economic impact of $82 billion.

May 11, 2018
Two area colleges are offering public classes on how to operate drones. Read More

State task force suggests drone limits to lawmakers

December 6, 2017
| By AP
LANSING — A new report by a Michigan task force said the state Legislature should limit the operation of drones around areas such as correctional facilities, tourist destinations and prominent bridges. Read More

Drones seem to be everywhere — and here’s why

Businesses are still determining uses for unmanned aerial vehicles.

LANSING — Seems like every day we’re hearing something new about drones, whether it’s military use of drones overseas, Amazon floating the idea of creating a drone delivery system, journalists using drones to report stories — or even just a neighbor down the street who bought a drone for fun. Read More

Drone technology generates significant legal buzz

September 5, 2014
As I stood outside of 2nd Recon Battalion Headquarters, located on the United States Marine Corps base at Camp Lejeune, I heard my name called from the inner region of the Senior Staff offices. Read More

UAV regulation debate drones on

A GR business is grounded in the FAA struggle to limit use of drones.

July 11, 2014
The Federal Aviation Administration is virtually at war with U.S. businesses trying to use small UAVs — unmanned aerial vehicles, or drones — including businesses in West Michigan. Read More

Drones flying despite FAA ban, but industry wants rules

‘It’s like the FAA is trying to stop technology.’

LANSING — State and university officials as well as entrepreneurs in Michigan are anxiously awaiting the results of a federal appeal that will affect how a commercial drone industry develops in the state and across the country. Read More

Grand Rapids firm blazes drone trail for aerial perspective

It’s finding many uses for eye-in-the-sky photography.

Imagine pulling on a harness, latching yourself to a wire and zip-lining through the treetops while a flying camera captures your wild ride on video. Read More

Unmanned drones soar into regulation

LANSING — Amid a roiling national debate about U.S. military-targeted drone strikes abroad and privacy concerns at home, some higher education institutions in Michigan are seeking authorization to fly their own unmanned aircraft for testing and research. Read More