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Bioscience association producing events

June 13, 2019
The Michigan Bioscience Industry Association, or MichBio, is hosting networking and panel discussion events in Grand Rapids next week. Read More

Bioscience association produces conference

December 28, 2016
A statewide bioscience association is producing its annual conference in the region. Read More

Statewide collaborative plan makes sense for bioscience industry

April 3, 2015
At long last the Michigan bioscience industry trade association, MichBio, is focused on development of a collaborative statewide strategic plan, and the Ann Arbor-based group is doing so in partnership with Business Leaders for Michigan and the University Research Corridor. Read More

Statewide effort launches bioscience planning process

Other successful industry hubs have a viable game plan.

April 3, 2015
Organizations representing the bioscience sector across Michigan are participating in an initiative to develop a strategic plan to guide the industry’s growth. Read More

Device makers collaborate for good of local industry

October 3, 2014
During the recent MichBio event in Detroit, Eric Icard hunkered down in a corner to find a quiet spot to talk, but also to utter the West Michigan Medical Device Consortium’s major goal. Read More

Biosciences expo explores statewide industry

October 10, 2013
The state’s biosciences industry will converge on Kalamazoo next week for the annual MichBio Expo & Conference. Read More

MichBio, BLM work on strategy to grow life sciences industry

March 29, 2013
Members of Business Leaders for Michigan, plus experts in the life sciences, pharmaceutical and medical device industries in the state, met at MichBio in Ann Arbor last week to begin development of strategies for growing Michigan’s bio-sciences industry. Read More