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A time of uncertainty, including renewal of expiring tax provisions

October 16, 2015
This is the time of year when Washington considers last-minute tax legislation. Read More

Getting the job done vs. dazzling with speeches

June 14, 2013
The events in Washington and Lansing of the past few months are an example of how politics is nothing more than ordinary life going on in front of reporters and media. Read More

Street Talk: Blame Washington for a new batch of worries

New heights.

April 5, 2013
The U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s latest quarterly small business survey finds that Washington policies continue to hamper hiring and growth, with over a quarter of small businesses saying they have lost employees in the last year. Read More

Clinical trials generate cash flow

September 9, 2012

According to the major pharmaceutical industry organization in Washington, D.C., clinical trials of experimental drugs and equipment take place at many hospitals, clinics and doctor’s offices in Michigan, and one health care industry expert says they bring in welcome extra revenue.

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