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$14M to meet city’s floodwall conditions

Improvements would have positive impact on insurance requirements.

July 3, 2015
The Federal Emergency Management Agency, or FEMA, has released its draft report, Levee Analysis and Mapping Plan for the Grand River in the City of Grand Rapids, which provides the city with information on necessary improvements to meet the organization’s floodwall requirements. Read More

Plaza Towers attorney decries city’s ‘tone and tenor’

City officials question ‘motivation’ of the owner in suing the city for flood damage in 2013.

June 20, 2014
A Varnum attorney representing owners of the Plaza Towers in a suit filed against the city of Grand Rapids said he was “disappointed” by city officials’ “tone and tenor when they questioned the motives of my clients.” Read More

Feds brief region on Grand River flood funding

July 12, 2013
City, township and county officials from up to 16 counties — including Kent, Ottawa, Ionia, Allegan and Muskegon counties — will learn Friday how they can get federal funds to recover at least some of the costs they incurred from the damage their communities suffered when the Grand River overflowed in April. Read More

SBA offers low-interest disaster loans after Grand River flood

June 17, 2013
Property owners who suffered damages from April’s storms and subsequent flooding of the Grand River can apply for low-interest disaster loans from the U.S. Small Business Administration, starting Tuesday. Read More

Kent County reports Grand River flood damage rises to $10.6M

May 17, 2013
Kent County has reported that $2.6 million in damage has been done to public properties located outside of the city of Grand Rapids from the flooding of the Grand River. Read More

Grand River flood leaves Kent County in 'state of disaster'

May 9, 2013
Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder has declared Kent County as being in a “state of disaster,” following the severe flooding of the Grand River last month. Read More

Kent County estimates $6M in Grand River flood damage

May 2, 2013
The Kent County Equalization Bureau has filed a preliminary report on the property damage stemming from the flooding of the Grand River. Read More

Grand Rapids asks businesses to submit flood-damage surveys

April 30, 2013
Grand Rapids city commissioners extended the city’s state-of-emergency status this morning, following the flooding of the Grand River nearly two weeks ago. Read More

Local government responds to call during Grand River flood

April 29, 2013
Whether it’s getting a parking ticket or having to fill out a tax return, people normally complain about government: how inept it is, how unresponsive it can be — and how it needs to buy a few vowels from Vanna to get a clue on how to handle financial matters. Read More

Flooding aftermath will require same spirit of cooperation

April 26, 2013
Residents and business owners throughout the Grand Valley region likely may have reflected recently on Michigan’s nickname “water wonderland,” but the beauty of a land surrounded by the world’s largest bodies of fresh water is given depth of meaning by the people who live here. Read More