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Tax law threatens disaster aid, broadband funding for rural Michigan

November 29, 2019
We Michiganders are a hardy lot, and we are no strangers to inclement weather. Read More

Whitewater agreement has first amendment

Resolution provides clarity on city’s financial commitment over next five fiscal years.

November 15, 2019
The agreement between the city of Grand Rapids and Grand Rapids Whitewater for the Grand River restoration project has its first amendment. Read More

Judge upholds law allowing Great Lakes oil tunnel

November 1, 2019
TRAVERSE CITY — Michigan legislators did not violate the state constitution with their decision to allow construction of an oil pipeline tunnel beneath a waterway linking two of the Great Lakes. Read More

Report: Cleaning up Great Lakes boosts economic development

August 13, 2019
| By AP
ANN ARBOR — A new report says cleaning up some of the Great Lakes region's most heavily polluted areas has led to billions of dollars in economic development and brought communities closer together. Read More

Searching for economic success

July 5, 2019
In an article for The Atlantic, Seattle entrepreneur and venture capitalist Nick Hanauer writes: “Like many rich Americans, I used to think educational investment could heal the country’s ills — but I was wrong. Read More

From Brexit to MI-Exit

April 1, 2019
With the controversy over the United Kingdom’s decision to exit the European Union, it begs the question, “What would happen if a state chose to exit the USA?” Read More

President Trump seeks cuts for cleanup of Great Lakes

March 12, 2019
President Donald Trump is making another attempt to slash federal funding that goes toward cleaning up major U.S. waterways, including the Great Lakes and Chesapeake Bay, even though Congress has thwarted his previous attempts, according to budget documents released Monday. Read More

Letter: Boating is big business

January 25, 2019
From the Great Lakes to our more than 11,000 inland waterways, boating has long been a cherished pastime for many families across Michigan. Read More

Gov. Snyder signs bill allowing Great Lakes oil tunnel

December 13, 2018
LANSING — Gov. Rick Snyder has signed legislation establishing a panel to oversee construction of an oil pipeline tunnel in the waterway linking Lake Huron and Lake Michigan, while opponents insisted the battle isn't over and could widen from the state Capitol to the courts. Read More

Coalition launches campaign to attract cruise ships to Great Lakes

September 3, 2018
| By AP
MACKINAC ISLAND — A coalition of government and business groups is kicking off a campaign to attract cruise ships to the Great Lakes. Read More