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CPA advises careful review of deductions for 2019

Tweaks to IRS rules on real estate investment may benefit land owners in certain situations.

January 24, 2020
Most of the provisions of the 2017 federal tax overhaul went into effect in 2018, but the mass scale of the changes mean extra careful review will be required during the 2019 federal tax filing season, according to a local accountant. Read More

IRS updates per diem rates

October 24, 2018
Business travelers have a lot of expenses to keep track of, including hotels, restaurants and transportation. Read More

The IRS and tax debt

July 31, 2018
There are very few governmental agencies that instill fear in United States citizens quite like the Internal Revenue Service. If you owe them money for past taxes, the fear is likely to be more of an anxious dread that an agent will knock down your door and haul you off to a debtor’s prison. Read More

Have you adjusted your tax withholding for the new tax law?

June 30, 2018
We are halfway through the first year of the new Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, or TCJA, and now is a great time to review your tax withholdings on your paycheck to make sure you are on track. Read More

Note to self: Be wary of tax law hysteria this year

January 5, 2018
So the Trump tax plan has been signed into law. There will be a mad rush to take credit for the good parts and place blame for the bad parts. With that in mind, be careful who you listen to.
 Read More

Take my advice: Be a good client or customer

May 5, 2017
I don’t know what the statistics are, but apparently, a lot of people don’t follow their doctor’s advice. Read More

Business taxes: Due date changes and fringe-benefits reminder

December 30, 2016
As the calendar year changes, there are a few important tax return due date changes that should be on your radar, and we want to remind you of a few fringe-benefit reporting requirements. Read More

IRS extends filing date for employers’ ACA forms

January 8, 2016
The holiday season is a notoriously hectic time of year. So when the IRS extended its deadline to submit some Affordable Care Act forms in the last week of December, it seemed the government agency had gifted employers the one thing no one has enough of — time. Read More

Small business IRS fine goes up to $1 million

Incorrectly filing tax forms could prove more costly.

January 1, 2016
The IRS can now fine a small business up to $1 million for failure to file correct tax information. Read More