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Retirement: What’s it all about and how should you prepare for it?

February 23, 2018
Most people look forward to retirement with both anticipation and anxiety. In most instances, they have thought about it a lot. Read More

Retirees will see miniscule increase in Social Security benefits

November 4, 2016
Recently, the Social Security Administration announced the cost of living adjustments for 2017 benefits will be a mere 0.3 percent for retirees in 2017 over the benefits received in 2016. Read More

Closure of unintended loopholes: New Social Security claiming rules

December 30, 2015
Did you know that Social Security had loopholes? Read More

Reflections on the status of social security retirement benefits

September 11, 2015
The recent weeks brought some rollercoaster results with respect to the equity markets. Read More

When should you begin to collect Social Security?

February 13, 2015
Recently, we were privileged to listen to an hour-long presentation from a local representative from the Social Security agency. Many of us were astounded at the complexity of the rules and wowed at the knowledge possessed by our presenter. Read More

Managing Social Security — and your lottery jackpot

Should one delay drawing Social Security? Should a lottery jackpot be taken in a lump sum?

March 28, 2014
Americans who make it to age 62 have a major financial decision to make: start drawing Social Security benefits now? Or wait? Read More

Retirement savings and looming Social Security issues

January 24, 2014
January is often the time for resolutions, including exercise regimens and diet, or other personal or professional items. Often forgotten are personal finance resolutions. Read More

Is Social Security disability fraud running rampant?

Advocate says approval rate in Grand Rapids is declining.

January 17, 2014
Despite a handful of recent media reports of large-scale fraud by recipients of Social Security disability benefits, Karen Starr, owner of Starr Disability Advocates, cautions against drawing any sweeping conclusions. Read More

Bridging the talent gap with a new generation

June 8, 2012
We have all heard much about differences in generational thinking. Due to our increased longevity, health care and prescription drug costs, delayed access to Social Security benefits, and our desire to maintain the heightened lifestyles resulting from an extended period of prosperity, we currently have four generations working side by side for the first time in history. Read More