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Project Elevate preps airport for growth

Three-phase plan will add gates, expand concourse, move air traffic control tower.

August 30, 2019
Through a new three-phase development project, the Gerald R. Ford International Airport is preparing for continued growth of service and operations. Read More

Feds seeking $3.3M fine against developer

July 26, 2018
The Federal Aviation Administration has proposed a $3.3-million civil penalty against a developer in the region for allegedly conducting hundreds of commercial flights in violation of FAA regulations. Read More

Feds award Ford airport $18.7M for project

June 15, 2018
Gerald R. Ford International Airport has been awarded $18.7 million from the federal government for a major construction project. Read More

Drone technology generates significant legal buzz

September 5, 2014
As I stood outside of 2nd Recon Battalion Headquarters, located on the United States Marine Corps base at Camp Lejeune, I heard my name called from the inner region of the Senior Staff offices. Read More

Drones flying despite FAA ban, but industry wants rules

‘It’s like the FAA is trying to stop technology.’

LANSING — State and university officials as well as entrepreneurs in Michigan are anxiously awaiting the results of a federal appeal that will affect how a commercial drone industry develops in the state and across the country. Read More

Ford airport aces FAA inspection

July 26, 2013
For the fourth year in a row, Gerald R. Ford International Airport has passed its Federal Aviation Administration certification and safety inspection — with zero discrepancies. Read More

Rothbury Executive Air cleared for $6.8M hangar at Ford airport

April 10, 2013
A decision by the Federal Aviation Administration this month has cleared the way for Rothbury Executive Air to become the third fixed-base operator to lease space at Gerald R. Ford International Airport. Read More

Unmanned drones soar into regulation

LANSING — Amid a roiling national debate about U.S. military-targeted drone strikes abroad and privacy concerns at home, some higher education institutions in Michigan are seeking authorization to fly their own unmanned aircraft for testing and research. Read More

WMU colleges co-pilot federal aviation 'Center for Excellence'

October 11, 2012
A proud bronco is joining a national flock of aviators to move the entire industry forward. Read More