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Governor Snyder wants higher landfill fee for cleanup programs

January 31, 2018
LANSING — Governor Rick Snyder has proposed a steep rise in Michigan's fee for taking waste to landfills, saying it would generate $79 million annually for the cleanup of contaminated sites and other environmental programs. Read More

Battery plant earns 'landfill-free' designation

January 1, 2018
A battery maker in the region has been recognized for its efforts to limit waste. Read More

Street Talk: Our grandparents’ mistake surcharge

Hole truth.

June 5, 2015
The legacy of landfills — or dumps, as everybody called them when Grandpa was a kid — is an expensive legacy we are still dealing with today. Read More

Grand Rapids refuses county’s solid waste plan

City commission views the disposal concept as inequitable.

February 1, 2013
The city of Grand Rapids and Kent County have agreed on a lot of things over the years, like the single-stream trash recycling plan the two created. Read More

County to tackle landfill legacy cost

Commissioners will look at plan that may raise pickup rates and license haulers.

October 27, 2012
The Kent County Department of Public Works may have found a solution to the hefty legacy cost it is facing for three closed county landfills. Read More

Exchange offers new option for avoiding the landfill

Companies can save money in the process

October 15, 2012
Ever think you could find just what you are looking for in the Dumpster or recycling bin down the street? Read More