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Labor contractors help farmers meet need for migrant workers

The contractor essentially hires his own migrant crew, which is used by several farms.

May 29, 2015
In just a few months Michigan farmers’ fields will be brimming with crops that need to be picked, and farmers will once again face the challenge of finding enough workers to harvest all those colorful fruits and vegetables. Read More

Snow delays spring corn planting and asparagus harvest

Not all the news associated with a harsh winter is bad, however.

LANSING — Farmers may be off to a late start this year after snowfall and low temperatures put them behind schedule. Read More

Fruit and veggie growers facing Obamacare confusion

Most types of farms in Michigan don’t hire enough workers to qualify.

January 3, 2014
When farmers don’t like what Washington is doing, such as enacting various forms of subsidies and implementing general farm policies, they can often ignore Washington. For certain types of farmers, however, that won’t work with the Affordable Care Act. Read More