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Politicians’ loyalty should be to country, not party

April 7, 2017
We are staying in a condo on Hutchinson Island on Florida's Atlantic coast. Read More

Street Talk: Politics don’t matter

Culture club.

January 13, 2017
After Donald Trump assumes the office of the presidency Jan. 20, the course for the United States over the next four years will begin to take shape. Read More

American politics at its best — and worst

August 21, 2015
Watching the 120 candidates for the Republican nomination for president, I am reminded of the running joke I heard as a Senate staffer: “When looking into the mirror every morning, what does every Senator say to himself?” The answer: “Good morning, Mr. President.” Read More

Uncompetitive provisions of tax code discussed by business leaders

August 7, 2015
This summer offered some nice distractions that diverted our attention from other events — perhaps for the better. Now it is time to get back to reality. Read More

Where have all the leaders gone? Look in the mirror

April 11, 2014
Our world needs strong, unwavering leadership more than ever. Read More

Lawmakers propose making elected sheriffs and prosecutors non-partisan positions

February 26, 2013
LANSING — Two traditional political battlegrounds could become, well, less bloody, if 83 county prosecutors and 83 county sheriffs were elected without Democratic or Republican affiliations. Read More

Pulitzer Prize-winner Jon Meacham: partisanship prevents 'absolutist' society

December 10, 2012
Pulitzer Prize winner and author of “Thomas Jefferson: The Art of Power” Jon Meacham spoke to a sold-out crowd recently at Grand Valley State University’s Eberhard Center on the topic of partisanship. He spoke about how partisanship has been an integral part of the history of the United States and how it actually serves the country, not endangers it. Read More

State releases campaign-finance app for Android users

November 22, 2012
| By AP
LANSING –– The Michigan Secretary of State's office is announcing that a campaign-finance application is now available on the Android smartphone platform. Read More

Where's the PR in politics?

October 22, 2012
I get nervous during campaign season. The ads make me cringe. My stomach is in knots during the debates. It’s not because of what the candidates and their campaigns say. It’s because of what people say about them: “spin.” “Distortion.” And eventually (insert heavy sigh), “it’s just PR.” There’s a long history of associating politics with public relations. Of course, there is some overlap. But, unfortunately, the public relations profession gets painted with a broad and nasty brush of politics -- the arena in which the term “spin” originated. Read More

Political TV ads not coming from presidential candidates

October 1, 2012
Who is paying for all those political advertisements inundating your television? Probably not who you think, said Rich Robinson, executive director at Michigan Campaign Finance Reform. Read More