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Federal government increases SBA loan fund

Michigan SBDC says it’s just in time, as small business is booming again.

September 11, 2015
Congress has passed and President Barack Obama recently signed legislation ensuring the Small Business Administration’s 7(a) main lending program will be able to meet the increasing demand in the waning months of the current federal fiscal year. Read More

It’s time to make college completion the priority at community colleges

June 5, 2015
I support President Obama’s proposal to make community college tuition free for those students who stay on track academically. Read More

Restore Congressional control over direct spending

May 22, 2015
The Founding Fathers’ father, Benjamin Franklin, was a master compromiser. Read More

New EPA standards will impact Michigan’s energy portfolio

State might be better positioned than others to make the transition from coal.

June 20, 2014
The Environmental Protection Agency, at the direction of President Barack Obama, recently released the Clean Power Plan proposal, which for the first time calls for cuts to carbon pollution from existing power plants, the single largest source of carbon pollution in the United States, according to the EPA. Read More

Minimum wage hike is maximum stupidity

January 31, 2014
President Barack Obama’s State of the Union speech last week was little more than rhetorical practice, and the Business Journal might have ignored a speech void of substance, but the resulting debate regarding minimum wage levels demands comment, lest simple minds believe it is a method to boost the economy. Read More

Street Talk: We don't like anybody and the economy stinks

Road rage.

December 6, 2013
President Barack Obama’s approval rating in Michigan sagged to its lowest point in three years in the wake of this fall’s sequestration and glitches with the health care reform rollout. Read More

Mayor supports President Obama’s remarks on middle class

August 2, 2013
In his July 24 speech in Galesburg, Ill., President Barack Obama laid out his economic vision for America. Read More

Tech leaders on right track with request to provide security information

July 19, 2013
In a rare joint initiative, an alliance of 63 technology companies, investors and nonprofit entities signed a letter to President Obama, James Clapper, Eric Holder and several congressional leaders late last week asking for government disclosure of digital communications monitoring. Read More

Recovery for this region will be built on manufacturing

February 15, 2013
President Barack Obama last week re-emphasized his administration’s desire to continue to seed the industry sectors it believes will help power full Great Recession recovery and economic growth. Read More

New AAML committee to address marriage inequality issues

Two Grand Rapids attorneys selected as co-chairs.

December 1, 2012
November’s election brought more than just a second term for President Obama; it also marked the first time that gay marriage was backed by a popular vote. Read More