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Brewery releases spiced porter

October 15, 2018
A local brewery has released a new spiced porter. Read More

Travel Channel visiting Grand Rapids

November 28, 2017
A downtown brewery and a southeast-side restaurant are scheduled destinations for a team with the Travel Channel. Read More

Brewery adds to beer board

August 20, 2015
A local brewpub is spicing up its beer board. Read More

Brewery bottles beer

August 19, 2015
Despite a local brewery’s inability to distribute beer, it has started bottling beers for to-go sales. Read More

Brewery and UICA produce Brunch, Brews and a Movie

May 28, 2015
A local brewery and an art institute have teamed up to produce a film series. Read More

Brewery screens 'Blood, Sweat & Beer'

April 15, 2015
A downtown brewery is hosting the first West Michigan screening of a national documentary on craft beer that features more than 100 interviews. Read More

Brewery throws b'day party

December 3, 2014
Another brewery is turning two. Read More

Bar group opens 'parklets'

August 5, 2014
A restaurant group is planning to unveil three “parklets” downtown this week. Read More

Breweries medal at World Beer Cup

April 14, 2014
Four breweries in the region returned from the World Beer Cup with medals. Read More

Grandwich 2013 crowns 'Sandwich of the Year'

August 16, 2013
Grand Rapids has spoken, and the Grandwich 2013 champion has been crowned. Read More