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Who really lives in 'low-income' housing?

January 16, 2013
There has been a lot written lately in local media about the development and construction work happening in our core city. Much of the work going on in Grand Rapids is residential development, and a good portion of that has some sort of government financing. Read More

GR construction firm brings Traverse City's asylum back to life

Turning former mental hospital into apartments was 'interesting' for Wolverine Building Group, to say the least.

October 31, 2012
Cottage 36 at the former Traverse City state mental hospital is occupied again — this time, hopefully, with happy, well-adjusted people — thanks to the efforts of Wolverine Building Group in Grand Rapids. The former hospital’s comforting use of the word “cottage” is somewhat misleading, however. It actually is a four-story brick building of 32,000 square feet, according to Alexis Macaluso of Wolverine. Read More