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Counting homeless is key to fed funds

April 1 census will make special effort to identify homeless children.

November 1, 2019
Michigan is gearing up to count the youth and homeless populations that are key to its federal funding and representation. Read More

Michigan spending on education reaches all-time high this year

Yet, K-12 isn’t reaping the benefits due to overwhelming legacy costs and shifts to higher education.

September 21, 2018
Gov. Rick Snyder boasted a massive increase in school funding this year, yet K-12 schools complain it’s not enough and that they used to receive even more for their struggling districts. Read More

Poverty pressure puts children’s development on hold

Report finds 65 percent of children are not college- or career-ready.

April 20, 2018
The Michigan League for Public Policy’s 2018 Kids Count in Michigan Data Book shows a wide disparity between West Michigan counties for children’s overall well-being. Read More

Report: University tuition in Michigan is 6th highest in US

September 21, 2016
| By AP
Michigan's public universities collectively have the sixth-highest in-state tuition rates in the country, averaging $11,991, according to a report. Read More

More children slipped into poverty over the last decade

Michigan League for Public Policy finds 80 of state’s 83 counties are slipping.

March 25, 2016
The book on how much children matter to the state of Michigan is now available and, unfortunately, you won’t like the last chapter. Read More

Prosperity is driven by education attainment

March 20, 2015
Business Journal editor Carole Valade titled a recent editorial “Michigan: a state of impoverishment.” Read More

High-quality child care is good for business

December 12, 2014
Business managers know this to be true: To prevent absenteeism and turnover among employees with children, it’s vital that workers know their kids are in safe, stable and high-quality child care when they’re away from home. Read More